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3/6/06 09:55 pm - chuanshuo - Intro!

Hola! I'm a hypochondriac. I joined this community so I'll learn about all the cool stuff I can self-diagnose as. :waves:

8/2/05 12:35 pm - veritas_is_me

6/12/05 03:46 pm - enyce - yay i've joined!

now how do i become ana?

6/12/05 10:39 am - veritas_mine

6/9/05 07:00 pm - dr_tiikeri2000 - Dr_Tiikeri2000 writes:

If anyone asks for help of course I'm going to (at least try and) give it, and if someone is so sick as to check my live journal, fair game (there are warnings on these sites).

As a Doctor I would never advice [oh yeh. She's good] anyone to become or how to be ana/mia, but as a mia myself I don't see a problem in participating on these "support" sites. As it comes to the existance of these sites, the morality/ethics of it is VERY questionable. The ugly truth is, that they do exist, and so do these illnesses. Let's not forget that ana/mia/ednos is a MENTAL ILLNESS.

Look, I know I'm incredibly profound, it's due to my high IQ. (Intelligence quotient for those that don't understand - most of you, I know.. I know.) I am here to help. Diagnose without ever seeing you. Offer dangerous advice, without any thought to the consequences. I am the new self proclaimed Queen of Anorexia and exsanguinate has been de-throned.

Please remember that my research and reports are copyrighted.

as a wise wise woman says:

"Just cuz I copied... just cuz I pasted
Don't mean I'm not ana... Hell, I've read wasted!"
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